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Wednesday, February 22

OH Sen. 33rd, House 59th & 60th: Petition Filings Confirmed

I called the Mahoning County Board of Elections and confirmed elections petition filings as follows:

* In the race for term-limited State Sen. Robert F. Hagan's 33rd District seat, State Rep. John Boccieri (D-New Middletown) filed but State Rep. Sylvester Patton (D-Youngstown) did not. County Recorder Ron Gerberry had filed election petitions previously but has since filed a request that they be withdrawn, confirming earlier reports that he would drop out of the race. Boccieri will face Tracey Monroe-Wimbush (R) in the general election.

* In the Ohio House 59th District race, incumbent Ken Carano (D-Austintown) is unopposed in the primary and will face Mark Hanni (R) in the general election. Carano received 61.79% of the vote in 2004.

* In the race for term-limited Rep. Boccieri's 60th District House seat, announced candidates Anthony Caldwell (D) and Bill Flickinger (D) did not file. The seven Democrats who did file are State Sen. Hagan, High School Principal Richard Gozur (D-Campbell), City Councilman Rufus Hudson (D-Youngstown), Mike Latessa (D-Youngstown), Ian Stublarec (D-Youngstown), City Councilman Dan Yemma (D-Struthers), and James Fortune (D). No Republican filed in this race.


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