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Wednesday, March 1

Cong. 18th: Ney (R) Distributes Golf Tees?

Hard to believe, but according to Cassie Gaffney, Deputy Campaign Manager for Congressional candidate Joe Sulzer (D-Chillicothe), incumbent Rep. Bob Ney (R-Heath) is actually passing out the pictured golf tees, imprinted with the words "Bob Ney for Congress." They may as well be printed with the words "Golf Trip to Scotland Paid For by Indicted Republican Lobbyist Jack Abramoff," since that's the connection that anybody who hasn't spent the last year on Mars will certainly make. I would point to this as a ground-breaking instance of hubris, but then ... the act of running for re-election itself, after having been identified as the influence-peddling Congressman in Abramoff's indictment and relinquishing his position as chairman of the House Administration Committee, has set that bar pretty high.

Incidently, a little quiz: how many times does the word "Republican" appear on the main page of Bob Ney's website? Answer: zero, the same number of times as the word "Democrat" appears on the main pages of the campaign sites of Joe Sulzer and Jennifer Stewart. I found it once on Zack Space's main page, but only as part of the title of Regina Prater, Hocking County Democratic Party Chair, whose endorsement is quoted. Isn't anybody proud of their own political party in the 18th District? If anyone, Ney should be, since this is supposed to be a Republican-leaning district. Not this year, apparently.

UPDATE: Thanks to the campaign staff of candidate James B. Harris (R-Zanesville) for pointing out that his campaign website proudly features the word "Republican" numerous times.


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