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Saturday, March 25

Cong. 4th: Jordan (R) and Martin (R) Reportedly Lead in Primary; Martin Rejects Vet PAC Money

I haven't seen it myself, but an anonymous reader informs me that he or she has seen polling data showing that the Republican primary in Ohio's 4th Congressional District (the seat of retiring incumbent Rep. Mike Oxley) is now a two-person race between a well-funded political insider, State Sen. Jim Jordan (R-Urbana), and a shoestring-budget political novice, Iraq War vet Nathan Martin (R). Martin, pictured, served with the Army Reserves 1st 278 Regimental Combat Team in Iraq.

In light of Martin's unexpected prominence in the race, this item from the Washington Times (submitted by the aforementioned reader) seems especially noteworthy. In brief, Martin has turned down a support-and-endorsement offer from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Political Action Committee, which would have included $2,100 in donations, a media buy and direct mailings on his behalf. The Washington Times reports the total value of the package as $100,000.

Martin says he turned down the offer because he "could not sacrifice my principles for the money." Martin said he "supports the group's efforts to stand up for veterans, but disagrees with its position that the United States should begin withdrawing troops from the country." The IAVA PAC's endorsement criteria includes that candidates must "demand from the administration a victory strategy for Iraq that includes hard success metrics which trigger American troop drawdowns so our forces can safely re-deploy from theater."

Whether one agrees with Martin's position or not, it is clearly a stand based on principle and against self-interest. Interesting. This primary looks like an index of the public's disgust with politics as usual and yearning for integrity in their elected representatives.


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