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Tuesday, March 21

Cong. OH-12: Swords (D) Withdraws, Endorses Shamansky (D)

The excellent Buckeye Senate Blog reports here and the indefatigable OH-12 Blog here that John Swords (D-Columbus) has withdrawn from the Democratic primary and thrown his support to former Rep. Robert N. Shamansky (D-Columbus), pictured. Other candidates in the primary are Paddy Schaffer (D-Dublin), Edward S. Brown (D-Columbus), and Michael Reilly (D-Powell). The winner will take on incumbent Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-Westerville).

OH-12 Blog also links to an item in USAToday about comeback Congressional candidates, including Shamansky:

"Former congressman Robert Shamansky, a 78-year-old Ohio Democrat, is also trying to return to the House he left 23 years ago. He's re-entering the fray
because he got aggravated trying to enroll in the Medicare prescription-drug plan."

OH-12 Blog has more from the article.

UPDATE: Shamansky has a campaign website up ... hat tip to the Buckeye State Blog and its candidate list for the link.


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