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Friday, March 24

Cong. OH-13: Lyons (D) Campaign Website Is Up

Michael K. Lyons, Mayor of Richfield and one of nine Democratic candidates for the 13th Congressional District seat being vacated by Rep. Sherrod Brown to run for the U.S. Senate, has a campaign website here. On his site, Lyons denounces the failure of Republican leadership and calls for change:

"My effort as a congressman will be first and foremost to make government work for the people by bringing intelligence and innovation to the work of government. What are the principles that guide such an approach?
· Place substance before politics and personalities.
· Engage in real, constructive dialogue on divisive issues.
· Allow experimentation in government, with accountability.
. . .

"I believe most Americans are weary of the superficial process engaged in by our political leaders today. We need leaders who are deliberative when the exchange of ideas is needed and decisive when action is needed. Most recently we have suffered from decisive leadership devoid of thoughtfulness and deliberation.

"The reason for this is that the Republicans have come to authority chanting an ideological mantra of less government without thoughtfulness and without preparation for the aftermath of victory. Much like President Bush’s war in Iraq, there was preparation for the invasion and the destruction of the organized structure of the opposition, but there was no plan for the occupation of the position of authority.

"The pendulum has swung. Americans desire that reasonable men and women would provide leadership that moves us forward in a complicated world. I want to contribute to that type of leadership."


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