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Monday, March 20

Cong. OH-13: Poll Shows Lead for Sawyer (D); Cafaro (D) Touts NRA Endorsement; Brown to Endorse Sutton (D)?

As reported in the Akron Beacon-Journal here, the research firm of Goodwin Simon Victoria last week released a poll of 400 registered, likely Democratic voters in the 13th District Congressional race. The poll shows former Rep. Tom Sawyer (D-Akron) at 27%; Gary Kucinich (D-Strongsville), brother of Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Lakewood), at 22%; shopping mall heiress Capri Cafaro (D-Sheffield Village) at 7%; and attorney Betty Sutton (D-Chardon), pictured, at 4%. A whopping 37% were undecided. The poll was commissioned by Emily's List, which supports Sutton. The pollster indicated that Sutton's support rose to 35% after recitation of a positive message about her candidacy.

Meanwhile, as also reported in the Beacon-Journal and thoroughly discussed over at the excellent Ohio 13 Blog, there has been much comment on the NRA endorsement of Cafaro and her subsequent remarks opposing the assault-weapon ban and supporting Ohio's concealed-carry law. Cafaro is reported to be taking handgun classes and may apply for a concealed-carry permit herself. Cafaro's opponent Kucinich released this statement: "While casting herself as a pistol-packing woman of means, Cafaro is condescendingly pitting herself against the very people in the neighborhoods whose votes she seeks.... Apparently, Cafaro doesn't want to represent people, she wants to shoot them."

Speaking of Cafaro, she has now spent the requisite amount of her own money on her campaign ($350,000) to trigger an election law provision known as "the millionaire's amendment," which has the effect of increasing the maximum that all candidates in the race can raise from individual donors from $2,100 to $6,300. However, Cafaro's personal expenditure on TV ads doesn't mean she won't be engaging in the old-fashioned, less costly campaign technique of knocking on doors. Blogger Scott Bakalar of the terrific Lorain-based blog Word of Mouth reports on his doorstep encounter with Cafaro here.

Finally, in other 13th District news, the excellent blog Ohio 13 Votes hints that Betty Sutton may soon gain a public endorsement from Senate candidate Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Avon):

"It’s not much of a secret that Sherrod Brown is supporting Betty Sutton’s campaign from behind-the-scenes. But will Sherrod make a formal, public endorsement? As it has been explained to us more than once, it seems like there’s pressure for Brown to make an endorsement. Some feel that Sherrod wants to be the king-maker (in this case it’d be the queen-maker), and others seem to think that Sutton’s campaign needs his backing to help make her the front-runner. We suspect there will be a formal endorsement by the end of March. Developing ..."


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