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Wednesday, March 8

Cong. OH-18th: Sulzer (D) Calls For Ney to Resign if Named by Abramoff

As reported in his hometown paper here, candidate and mayor Joe Sulzer (D-Chillicothe) yesterday called on Rep. Bob Ney (R-Heath) to immediately resign if named directly in a criminal ethics probe involving Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff. "That's just another line he stepped over," Sulzer is quoted as saying, "In the indictments that have come down ... they've always named a Representative No. 1. They never really mentioned Bob Ney." Once Ney is directly named, "[h]e's going to be spending his time now raising more money for his legal defense than taking care of the district."

Consistent with my blog post of yesterday, Ney's primary challenger James B. Harris (R-Zanesville) echoed Sulzer's view: "Just the whole Abramoff felony scandal has been terrible for the country and I believe it's a spending, overspending scandal. It's a scandal of obese government. It's a scandal of pork and special-interest earmarks," he said. "I do think Mr. Ney should retire."

As quoted in the article, Sulzer is also careful to state that ethics are not the only issue in the election: "Ethics will play a large part. The others are: jobs, health care and the thing I worry about the most and I've seen a lot of concern in people's comments is the Part D prescription Medicare program," he said, adding that veterans issues will also be an important part of the race. "I've been very concerned about veterans continuing to lose their benefits."


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