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Tuesday, March 7

Gov: Blackwell (R) Scrubs Blog to Hide Speech to Secretive Ultra-Right Group

The terrific UAPA Blog has the goods on this one. This picture and the accompanying caption "Recently, Ken Blackwell spoke at a meeting of the Council for National Policy" were posted on Blackwell's campaign blog yesterday and then quickly removed. As detailed in the UAPA post, the Council for National Policy is a highly secretive and virulently far-right organization designed to combine the political clout of frenzied Christian fundamentalists with the big-dollar contributions of anti-tax/anti-government zealots, in order to pursue the twin goals of reducing the size of government and recasting America as a Christian fundamentalist dominion. Members are forbidden to speak of the organization, and the details of its meetings are closely guarded secrets, but it is known that George Bush addressed one such meeting and thereby obtained critical support early in his presidential bid.


At 12:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make this sound like it's criminal or someting. What's the difference between a Republican candidate addressing an ultra-right wing group and a Democrat candidate addressing some an ultra-far left liberal group. Nothing, except that I bet you'd not report on the Democrat in the manner you have this Republican.


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