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Friday, March 3

OH House 21st: Ackerman (D) Calls for Ban on Funding Charter Schools

I am so loving this. Jean Herendeen Ackerman (D-Columbus), candidate for the Ohio House 21st District seat being vacated by Linda Reidelbach (R), is calling for a ban on state funding of private charter schools in Ohio. “We simply cannot afford to fund these schools at the expense of our public school system,” Ackerman said. “These schools remain unaccountable to the standards that our public schools must meet each year.”

The state of Ohio has already spent $444 million on charter schools and caused many public school districts to face massive budget shortfalls. Many school districts are turning to levies that substantially raise the property taxes to cover these shortfalls. “As your state representative, one of my first actions will be to introduce a bill to ban state funding of charter schools in the state of Ohio.” Ackerman continued, “Taxpayers in Ohio should not have to foot this enormous bill any longer. We are already funding public schools. Why do we have to pay for schools that operate for profit as well? Funding charter schools using public funds has recently been found by the courts in Florida to be wrong. Public funds must go to public education and only to public education.”

Jean Herendeen Ackerman has worked as a public school teacher in Ohio for the past 17 years. She has seen firsthand the dangers that funding cuts in education have caused. These cuts were only done to support unaccountable charter schools which are unable to meet even the basic state standards. “I am sick and tired of my tax dollars being wasted in schemes that have done nothing to improve the quality of education in Ohio and instead we have hindered the ability of our public schools to provide the kind of education I received in growing up in Ohio. It is time to make a change.”

You go, Jean.


At 4:19 AM, Anonymous Publius said...

The 21st is a Republican district, but not a right-wing extremist Republican district. A pro-business chamber-of-commerce-type Democrat could win in the 21st, but a typical personal-injury-attorney/teacher union Democrat cannot.

The school choice train has already left the station and is extremely popular with the customer base. At this point, fighting for stronger accountability measures is the only battleground where victories can occur.

At 8:31 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Full disclosure ... I'm the candidate's husband and am in charge of data management.

The 21st district may be held by a Republican, and a wing-nut Republican at that, but it's NOT a Republican District.

John Kerry won this district by 5 percentage points in 2004.

Jean grew up in a business oriented family so understands the challenges of business better than many others.

What is so pro business about supporting a business with tax payers' money? If these charter schools are "extremely popular" why do they need to have my taxes supporting it?

You really need to come to some of the Worthington School Board meetings as we have done. Person after person complain about higher and higher property taxes. Worthington residents alone have paid out $400,000 to support these schools. Why should they? Why should I?

At 5:38 PM, Anonymous Publius said...

Many of the 2004 Kerry voters didn't stay D down-ticket, and many will stay home in a non-presidential year. Best of luck to your wife, but on paper the 21st still has a 56% GOP performance index, giving the GOP a 90% chance of retaining the seat. Without at least $150k in TV advertising it is unlikely to switch.

Considering that the House Ds will only have about $500-$600k to spend, and 5-6 seats to defend, it's a stretch to believe Beatty & Co. will commit the resources necessary to win the seat.

At 9:18 PM, Blogger Jill said...

From what I've read, the charter schools, in general, are failures. Perhaps some supporters of those schools want to drop by this post and provide something, anything, positive about them?

At 9:20 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

Yes, I'm with Jill on that. I'm not buying this notion that charter schools are extremely popular with the customer base. I know for a fact that the funding crisis regarding public education is extremely UNPOPULAR with that base. Isn't it about time for a backlash against this ridiculous and ill-considered experiment?


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