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Friday, March 3

OH House 67th: Blogger Restores Nixon (R) to GOP; Ruppert (D) Runs as "Choice for Change"

I caused quite a furor by accidentally listing Corwin Keith Nixon, Jr (R-Lebanon), a 33-year old lawyer and candidate for the 67th District Ohio House seat of Lieutenant Governor candidate Tom Raga (R-Mason), as a ... (gasp) ... Democrat.

Honest, it was just a typographical error. I had no ill intent. Some typographical errors are worse than others, however, to judge by the indignant tone of the emails I received. As it happens, the 67th District is heavily Republican, covering half of Warren County just northeast of Cincinnati. Moreover, as explained in this article in the Middletown Journal, candidate Nixon is the grandson of the late Corwin Nixon, the Lebanon lawmaker who retired from the Ohio House of Representatives in 1992 after occupying the 67th District seat for more than a decade. The senior Nixon was followed by George Terwilliger, who was followed by Tom Raga. The younger Nixon, who served his grandfather as a page, seeks to carry on the family tradition. I hope that all concerned are relieved now that I have restored Mr. Nixon to the Grand Old Party on my List of Candidates.

Nixon's path to the General Assembly will not be an easy one. Shannon Jones (R-Springboro), a former legislative aide to Sen. Mike DeWine (R), among others, is regarded as something of an insiders' candidate. She says that working as a legislative aide caused her to want to serve as a legislator, and that she wishes to focus on fighting methamphetamine trafficking and mandatory sentencing for first-time child sex offenders as issues. Also in the Republican primary are City Councilman Victor Kidd (R-Mason) and John Meyer (R-Mason), who led a campaign against Mason school taxes last year.

Attorney Jeffrey Ruppert (D-Franklin), unopposed on the Democratic side of the race, is the only candidate for whom I was able to locate a campaign website. Ruppert acknowledges that it is an uphill battle for a Democrat in the 67th District, but he is running as a "choice for change" and a "different kind of Democrat." On his site, Ruppert highlights the issues of jobs, education, and security, and hammers the theme that one-party rule have been disastrous for Ohio:

"Years of one-party rule have led our proud State into decline. Recognized in the past as a leader in industry, education and opportunity, Ohio has become better known for its problems than its promise. After a decade of neglect, Ohio has slumped to lead the nation in layoffs, bankruptcies and foreclosures, while scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to job growth and new-economy opportunity. ... One-party rule has lead to Warren County leaders being chosen behind closed doors, the result of which has been representation of the few and special interests, not the voters. With Jeff Ruppert’s candidacy in the 67th District, Warren County voters will have a choice. Whether they be Democrats, Republicans or Independents, Warren County voters will know that Jeff Ruppert represents a 'Choice for Change' in county and state politics."


At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, this Nixon guy has no chance. I went to law school with him in Columbus. He knocked up his girlfriend back in 1999. Shady, but that issue plays well down South.

At 9:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nixon is a family business man with a wife and three children and that does play well in the south. ps he would never say dude dude

At 10:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, he is in the family "business" all right. And he does have a SECOND wife and three children, not sure how THAT plays down south. He did indeed "knock up" his girlfriend in 1999 - if by "knocked up" you mean "married her, had a child, then ignored her until she could stand it no more and left him".


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