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Wednesday, March 15

Ohio House 37th: Fogle (D) Election Petition Disqualified

UPDATED: Thanks to a friend for e-mailing me about this post in the blog Dayton Politics, reporting that the election petitions of Ohio House 37th District candidate and former TV news personality Guy Fogle (D) have been disqualified, leaving incumbent Jon Husted (r-Kettering), who is Speaker of the House, no opponent from either party in the race. A commenter named Wesley describes the discualification as resulting from a challenge by Husted to the signature of an elderly voter, who printed his name rather than signing it. Wesley indicates that Fogle plans to take steps to ensure that his name will nevertheless appear on the November general election ballot, but it is unclear whether this means that Fogle intends to run as write-in Democratic candidate in May, or as an independent candidate in November. Fogle was a sports and news television anchor in Dayton for almost 20 years before retiring last year from WDTN-TV, Channel 2. He is a teacher at the Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology in Kettering.

UPDATE #2: The blog Dayton Politics now reports that Fogle will run as a write-in candidate in the May 2 primary. Because there is no other Democrat on the primary ballot, he only has to receive 50 write-in votes to qualify for the general election in the fall.


At 8:43 PM, Blogger Patty Hopson Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse said...

Leave it to Husted to check for every dotted I and every Crossed T. Maybe he was threatened since I recently suggested to him, that if he is going to work for the Catholic ONLY Citizens of Ohio, then he needs to put on a WHITE COLLAR and collect a paycheck from the Catholic Church. He doesn’t work for the Ohio Citizens so why is he collecting a paycheck from the Ohio Tax Payers?

He recently appeared on the O’Reilly show…making a statement that he was going to do what ever he could to get rid of Judge Connor. (Which I hope he does!)But the Truth is…He is no better then Judge Connor. At least Judge Connor gives Probation to Child Molesters! John Husted gives Molesters a FREE PASS to Molest More Children!

He recently held a private meetings with CATHOLIC ONLY Child Abuse Victims and encourages agreements between the Catholic Church and the Catholic Victim, so that the SB17 Bill would be amended to benefit the Catholic Church. He forgot about all the other Child Abuse Victims abused by non Catholics. The SB17 Bill was not a Catholic Bill and it affects ALL Citizens of Ohio.
The Senate Passed the SB17 Bill anonomously in March 2005…Husted played around with the Catholic Victims trying to get them to drop the 1 year window, to protect the Pocketbook of his TOP interest, the Catholic Church. He cares nothing about the innocent untouched children that will continue to be preyed upon by molesters that have successfully beaten the Statue of Limitation Clock. My molester lives across the street from an elementary school in Ohio and a good friend of mine was molested by a current City Police Chief in Ohio. Why did Husted not consider ALL VICTIMS of ABUSE? Why is protecting the Catholic Church more important to him then the innocent Children of Ohio…Ohio’s future!

Check out my website at www.mypainfulsmiles. For more information from a CATHOLIC VICTIM that was involved in this PRIVATE MEETING between the CATHOLIC ONLY VICTIMS and HOUSE SPEAKER JOHN HUSTED. See how he deliberatly disguarded the NON Catholic Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse! He discriminated against his Ohio Citizens that are NON Catholic Victims of Abuse!


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