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Saturday, March 25

Secretary of State: Trakas (R) Drops Out

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that term-limited State Rep. Jim Trakas (R-Independence) has dropped out of the Republican primary for Secretary of State, leaving only Clerk of Courts Greg Hartmann (R-Columbus) to face former judge Jennifer Brunner (D-Columbus) in the general election. Hartmann had raised more campaign cash than Trakas, and ORP Chairman Robert Bennett requested that Trakas bow out. Interestingly, Trakas will become Hartmann's campaign manager. Trakas announced his decision to the Plain Dealer editorial board at the outset of what was supposed to be a joint endorsement interview.

The Plain Dealer's take on the race: "A Statehouse scandal, bad economy and an unpopular war are expected to make this a difficult year for Republicans to win in Ohio."


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