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Sunday, April 2

Atty Gen: Chandra (D) Endorsed by Cleveland Plain Dealer

Former Law Director Subodh Chandra (D-Cleveland) has received a glowing endorsement from his hometown paper, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, in the Democratic primary for Attorney General. While acknowledging his lack of experience in elected office, and the "challenge" of an "unusual ballot name," the editors are effusive about Chandra's "impressive private and public legal work," "exceptional stewardship over the Cleveland Law Department," "fine intellect," and "plans to target political corruption," concluding that he is "fully prepared" to be "an outstanding attorney general." In particular, the editors praise Chandra's determination to "pursue predatory lenders - a primary reason why Ohio leads the nation in home foreclosures," along with his "focus on consumer protection, the environment, and wage and safety laws" and promise of "a drastic reduction in spending on outside legal counsel."

The other Democratic candidate, State Sen. Marc Dann (D-Youngstown), is also praised for being equally determined to bring "greater transparency to the bidding of special counsel contracts and sever perceived ties between contributions and legal work" and for being "the leading Democratic critic of GOP operative and rare-coin dealer Tom Noe and the Bureau of Workers' Compensation." Although Dann is "a formidable politician" who could "serve ably as attorney general," the editors conclude that between "two good candidates in this race ... Chandra is the better choice."


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