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Monday, April 3

Cong. OH-18th: DeLay (R) Out; Ney (R) Next?

CNN is reporting that former House Majority Leader Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) has withdrawn from the race for his own House seat and will resign from Congress, apparently prompted by the guilty pleas of two former DeLay aides in the Jack Abramoff investigation (although of course he blames everything on those dastardly liberal Democrats). Rep. Bob Ney (R-Heath) of Ohio's 18th Congressional District has been named in many of the deals and payoffs revealed in that investigation ... is he the next to go down?

UPDATE: It's a beautiful day. Coverage at CNN, New York Times, Columbus Dispatch. Good discussion at DailyKos here and here (including the unsettled question of whether there will be a special election or the seat will remain vacant until November).


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