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Thursday, February 2

Cong. OH-6: Wilson (D) Leads Blasdel (R) in Poll

The excellent blog High and Broad has the numbers from a Cooper & Secrest poll commissioned by State Sen. Charles A. Wilson Jr. (D-St. CLairsville), showing him leading House Speaker Pro Tem Charles Blasdel (R-East Liverpool) by 42% to 24%, with 34% undecided. Especially interesting is the generic ballot question ("Would you vote for a Democrat or a Republican if the election were held today?"), which goes for the Democrat by 52% to 28%. This is a district that went for Bush twice. However, as blogger Model 500 points out, it is a fundamentally Democratic district that just doesn't like a liberal like John Kerry. Charlie Wilson is a relatively conservative Democrat, and if this poll is any indication he's in great shape to succeed gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland.


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