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Wednesday, February 15

OH House 82nd: Pickens (D) to Oppose Incumbent Reinhard (R)

This story at CentralOhio.com reports on the candidacy of bakery owner and 22-year Navy veteran Willie Pickens (D-Marion), who will oppose incumbent Steve Reinhard (R-Bucyrus) in the Ohio House 82nd District. Pickens is quoted as saying that he decided to run six months ago, prompted mostly by a desire to help education funding. "I plan to go door to door during the campaign and get people's opinions on the issues that affect them. When I'm elected I will go to township trustees meetings, school board and council meetings. I will not disappear to Columbus," Pickens said. "We must bring jobs to this area, but we must bring the right kinds of jobs to keep the new generation of folks coming up here." By representing the people and refusing to be another cog in the corrupt Ohio Statehouse, Pickens promised to help restore honor to the government. "I have the courage to listen to all sides and decide what's best for my constituents, even if it's not what's best for my political party." The Democratic candidate got 37.99% of the vote in the 82nd District in 2004.


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