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Wednesday, May 24

Ohio House 61st: Luther (R) Certified as Winner by Thirteen Votes

According to the web site of former county auditor and Ohio House of Representatives candidate Brant Luther (R-Alliance), all four counties in the 61st District (Carroll, Mahoning, Tuscarawas and Stark) have now certified and released their official election results, and Luther has defeated city councilman and three-time candidate Randy Pope (R-Alliance) by thirteen votes. Luther had led by ten votes according to unofficial results. Because the margin of victory is less than 0.5%, there will be an automatic recount.

In a statement, Luther says:
"I am very grateful for the trust of the Republican voters of the 61st District. Merrilee and I and our team worked extremely hard to get the word out about what I stand for, and what I believe. I am so pleased that the voters heard our message, and I am honored to be the Republican nominee. This has been a spirited Primary campaign, but it is now time to set our differences aside and begin the serious work to make sure we elect a consistent Conservative Representative to speak for us in Columbus. . . . I will be getting the word out about my plan to fight for tax cuts; slash wasteful spending in Columbus; and reduce job-killing frivolous lawsuits and rebuild our economy so families in the 61st District can pursue the American dream. We will never get Ohio back onto its feet and begin to attract new jobs if we don't get our taxing and spending problem under control.

This campaign will be about ideas, and who has the best ones to turn Ohio around so that we can get Ohio back on track. . . . There is a lot of work to do between now and November, but I am confident that when the voters have the opportunity to research my record of serving the public with integrity and backbone, they will choose Brant Luther to stand up on their behalf as a voice for much-needed reform at the State House."
Luther faces Canton attorney Mark D. Okey (D-Carrollton) in the general election. Incumbent Rep. John Boccieri (D-New Middletown), who is running for Ohio Senate in the 33rd District, won this seat with 65.66% of the vote against Pope in 2004.


At 5:38 AM, Blogger Publius said...

This is a D seat that will stay D. If the Senate Democrats are smart, they'll put Boccieri in a leadership position right away. He's an outstanding candidate that should be groomed for bigger things.

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