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Friday, June 9

Ohio House 46th: Dansack (D) Reacts to Gasper Charges, Announces Campaign Appearances

In the course of his employment as a legal assistant in a Toledo-area law firm, 46th Ohio House District candidate Mark P. Dansack (D-Monclova Township) speaks daily to injured workers whose benefits are dependent on the same investment fund that was entrusted in part to Toledo-based rare coin dealer and Republican fundraiser Tom Noe, who has been charged with mismanaging and stealing millions from the fund. Reacting to the prosecution and guilty plea of a former Bureau of Workers Compensation official, Dansack issued this statement:
With the indictment of Terry Gasper, the former Chief Financial Officer of the Ohio BWC, one can only wonder how many others will be implicated, which calls into question the lack of oversight in Ohio and the perils of one party governance in Ohio. Without the "coingate" investigation, many of these betrayals of the public trust may never have been uncovered, illustrating the dangers of allowing one group to have total control over state government.

I still contend that Senate Bill 7, passed in March, represented a "slap in the face" to injured workers in Ohio who count on the insurance fund to received their treatment, medicines, and compensation. Clearly there was no reason to rush for a "reform" bill before all the ramifications of the BWC's scandals and investment losses were completely investigated and understood.
Dansack has a number of appearances scheduled for the coming days as his campaign picks up steam. He will appear tomorrow (Saturday, June 10) at the Miller Lite Pizza Challenge, to be held at the Lucas County Recreation Center in Maumee, Ohio. On Monday, June 12, at 7:00 pm he will speak at a meeting of the Spencer Township Democratic Club. On Fathers' Day (Sunday, June 18) he'll be at the Holland Strawberry Festival Parade from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.


At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohio Democrats love to talk about a coin fund investment at the state bureau of workers' compensation that might have lost $10 million.

But their fingerprints are all over a much bigger investment scandal at the bureau that lost Ohio companies more than $216 million. It was a hedge fund managed by a Pittsburgh-based company called MDL, and the Ohio Attorney General's office is currently suing the company for fraud.

"We have an active and aggressive case against the hedge fund and its director, Mark Lay," said Kim Norris, a spokesman for the attorney general. Mr. Petro is trying to recover the losses on behalf of the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. The lawsuit argues that the hedge fund contract was fraudulent and violated Ohio securities laws.

Now, just for the sake of review, let's remind Democrats how the BWC got connected with MDL. Donald Luskin of the National Review lays out the Democrat BWC scandal in response to "another hilarious error-filled column by America’s most dangerous liberal pundit" Paul Krugman of the New York Times:

Krugman seems ignorant of the fact that the MDL scandal is all about Democrats, all the way. (Or perhaps he knows this and chooses not to acknowledge it.)

According to the Toledo Blade, which Krugman cites as his source... the person who told the BWC’s CFO to “give MDL a break” was George Forbes, a member of the BWC’s oversight commission. Forbes is also president of the Cleveland chapter of the NAACP, former president of the Cleveland City Council, former candidate for mayor of Cleveland, and a Democrat.

And who’s that daughter who’s employed by MDL? You guessed it, didn’t you? It’s Mildred “Mimi” Forbes, daughter of the very same and very Democratic George Forbes. ...

MDL Capital was founded in Pittsburgh by Mark D. Lay... MDL and Lay were marketed to Ohio’s public investment funds in the late 1990s by Democrat lobbyist Jerry Hammond, formerly president of the Columbus City Council, according to the Dispatch. MDL paid Hammond $3,000 a month to introduce the firm to Ohio politicians. ...

At BWC, Hammond introduced MDL to oversight commission members, including George Forbes, the late Neal H. Schultz, and William A. Burga. I can’t say as to Schultz’s political leanings, but Forbes is a Democrat and so is Burga. In fact, Burga is a member of the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party Executive Committee, and is also president of the Ohio AFL-CIO.

Oh, and did we mention that Burga is also an advisor to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland?

Another Democrat double standard exposed!

At 11:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another GOP lackey trying to confuse the issues. Republicans have had a stranglehold on most statewide offices for the past 16 years. They have created a system intended to keep the GOP in power by requiring contributions from vendors of the state of Ohio. In some cases, those vendors bribed GOP appointees (see Gaspar) in order to get the business in the first place. As this corruption has gone on, Ohio has drifted to the back of the pack of all 50 states in education, jobs and have seen our young people leave the state in droves. It is a legacy that the GOP should be ashamed of. We have also witnessed our tax burden increase under these Republicans. It is time to clean house. Residents of District 46 should send the GOP a message by electing a Democrat to represent Tom Noe's former house district.

At 1:02 AM, Anonymous Earl said...


Wow, you are starting to really get to the wingnuts when they start posting trash on your site.

My sincere congratulations and keep up the good work.

"The truth will out."

At 6:35 AM, Blogger Yellow Dog Sammy said...

What, are the GOP apologists going to try and convert Noe/Coingate into a Democratic scandal? ROFLMAO, that's pathetic! The Democrats did not control stte government and run the BWC, the GOP did. The individual Democrats mentioned in the post above were not state officholders, did not make campaign contributions to the GOP officeholders who control state government, did not violate fedreal campaign laws, did not money launder and bribe state officials, and haven't been indicted or pleaded guilty ...no, those are all Noe/Taft/GOP activities. Good luck with making this mess about Democrats.

Typical of Luskin to call Krugman names becaue he doesn't like hearing the truth from him. Attack the messenger ... standard wingnut operating procedure.

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