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Thursday, August 24

Atty Gen: Dann (D) Gains Another First Responder Endorsement

The campaign of attorney general candidate State Sen. Marc Dann (D-Liberty Township) announced today that Dann has received the endorsement of the Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association. Dann was previously endorsed by the Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters.

The OPBA represents law enforcement officers (including ranking officers and chiefs) at 221 police departments, sheriff’s offices, correctional facilities, and other entities across the state of Ohio. OPBA Executive Director Terry Gallagher notified Dann of the endorsement by fax yesterday, saying that the OPBA endorsed him because they appreciate his strong record of introducing and voting for legislation that has strengthened the criminal justice system in Ohio as well as his advocacy for issues that improve the lives of law enforcement officers. “Marc Dann understands and respects our members’ commitment and professionalism,” Gallagher wrote. “We are confident that as our next Attorney General he will continue to support our efforts to protect the public and the lives and health of law enforcement officers and fire fighters across the state.”

“I am gratified and humbled to receive the support of the men and women who are on the front lines of the battle to keep our families and our neighborhoods safe,” Senator Dann said when he learned of the OPBA endorsement. “The officers and members of the OPBA know that they can count on me to work hard everyday to provide the resources local police and prosecutors the resources and tools they need to do their jobs as effectively and safely as possible. They know I won’t grandstand on law enforcement issues and pretend to be Ohio’s ‘top cop,’ but that I will do all I can to make them the best law enforcement officers they can be.”


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