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Saturday, August 19

Cong. OH-18: Democratic Party Will Not Challenge Eligiblity of Padgett (R)

The Dayton Daily News reports today that "[t]he Ohio Democratic Party said Friday it will not try to keep Padgett off the ballot after nearly two weeks of threatening to challenge her right to run."

I think this is good news for Democrats. The more we have learned about State Sen. Joy Padgett (R-Coshocton), the more I want to see her on the ballot against Zack Space (D-Dover). Yesterday a prominent Democratic official in Cuyahoga County hinted to me that more damaging information will come out about her, but wouldn't say what.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the article, Padgett dismisses her personal and corporate bankruptcies as an issue, predicting that voters will say, "This woman understands what the economy is like." Right. Another candidate, Mayor Richard Homrighausen (R-Dover), told the Dayton Daily News that "he has shown he can draw votes in his Democratic-leaning part of the district and plans a campaign targeting the cost of gas and electricity and the need for alternative fuels."

UPDATE: Much more from Padgett about the bankruptcies issue here. She points out the success of the business (of which she was co-owner, but she calls it her husband's business) for thirty years before their six years of financial distress, and characterizes Harris' attacks as "unfair" and "cruel."


At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Muffet said...

Padgett is an opportunist idiot. No wonder Bob Ney wanted her. I hope people are stupid enough to vote for her. I can't wait to see Zack Space take her out.


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