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Thursday, September 14

Pew Poll Shows Bush Approval Unchanged, Democratic Congressional Lead Steady

This new poll from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press indicates that while the Bush administration's campaign to squeeze political gain out of terrorism and 9/11 has indeed increased the percentage of people who call terrorism the nation's most pressing problem to a three year high of 15% (surpassing the economy at 10% but still trailing the Iraq War at 26%), the Democrats' lead in the generic Congressional poll remains solid at 52% to 40% and Bush's approval rating remains down at a dismal 37%, unchanged from August:
As the congressional midterm campaign begins in earnest, the mood of the electorate is sharply drawn. Voters are disappointed with Congress and disapproving of President Bush. Anti-incumbent sentiment, while a bit lower than a few months ago, is far more extensive than in the previous two midterms and remains close to 1994 levels. Moreover, there are indications that voters are viewing the election through the prism of national issues and concerns. Many more voters see their vote as being against the president than at a comparable point in 1994, and a solid majority says party control of Congress will be a factor in their voting decision.

Voters are expressing strong and consistent anti-Republican attitudes. The GOP lags well behind the Democratic Party on nearly all major issues, including the economy, Iraq, education, health care, the environment and the budget deficit. And the Republicans have lost ground in recent years even on such traditional strengths as terrorism and improving the nation's morality.
Among other interesting findings, the percentage of respondents who view their midterm vote as a vote against the president is 36%, much higher than the 23% level before the epic 1994 midterm vote. Respondents said the U.S is losing the war on terror by a 41% to 39% margin, a new high, and only 77% of moderate and liberal Republicans (a third of all Republicans) say they would vote for the GOP candidate in their district. That last number compares to 94% of conservative Republicans, and an equally large number of all Democrats, who intend to vote for their party's candidate. Go read the whole thing.

This national survey was conducted conducted September 6-10 among 1,507 adults (1,191 registered voters).


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