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Saturday, October 21

Cong OH-2: Wulsin (D) Endorsed by Dayton Daily News

The Dayton Daily News endorsed Victoria Wulsin (D-Indian Hill) over incumbent Rep. "Mean Jean" Schmidt (R-Loveland) on Saturday, noting that her "life of service ought to win her serious consideration from voters," and "she has an agreeable, personable manner that suits her to this new professional direction and would help her in making the case that differences between the parties on hot-button social issues are often exaggerated." The editors quote Wulsin as saying that her "values are conservative" because she supports "marriage; the family; education of our children; health care; a reduction in the number of abortions; the right to privacy and keeping government out of our private lives; a fiscally conservative, balanced budget based on pay-as-you-go principles; investment in jobs at home; energy independence; and full defense of the U.S. Constitution." Her opponent is "a weak candidate overall and has not served long enough or well enough to deserve the benefit of the doubt that some voters might normally give to an incumbent." By electing Wulsin, "voters would get an enthusiastic, energetic, atypically selfless representative who brings something special to Washington: her knowledge of health issues, her familiarity with the wider world and her dedication to good causes."


At 8:32 PM, Blogger NoFanOfJean said...

Football fans, Jean Schmidt should be penalized 15 years for un-Portmanlike conduct. Un-Portmanlike conduct includes but is not limited to:

Calling Murtha a coward (Portman did not resort to name calling)

Lying on your resume since 1989


Claiming false endorsements

Spreading lies about your opponents

Ducking debates

Being all talk and no action with the styrene leak

Coordinating a smear campaign against your opponent with the Enquirer

Advocating doing business with Fidel Castro, then taking money from anti-Castro interests

Discussing your newlywed daughter’s sex life in a public forum

Just to name a few things....


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