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Monday, October 30

Cong OH-5: Weirauch (D) Endorsed by Toledo Blade

In a big boost for the challenger, Robin Weirauch (D-Napoleon) was endorsed yesterday by the Toledo Blade over entrenched incumbent David Gillmor (R-Old Fort). The editors state that Weirauch "has grown considerably as a candidate since she ran and lost" two years ago, and they slam Gillmor as "an absentee congressman who keeps his home in the suburbs of Columbus [and whose] 18-year congressional year is decidedly undistinguished." The sharpest words concern Iraq:
Five communities in his district have lost soldiers in the Iraq war, yet we see no challenge to the President and no leadership from a congressman who after nine terms in Washington ought to be showing some.
The editors note that Weirauch "has put herself out there, [and] is working hard on her campaign" and that she "vows to be a much more visible congressman than Mr. Gillmor." They conclude that she "would be an effective member of Congress for the 5th congressional district."


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