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Monday, October 2

Sup Ct: Buy O'Neill (D) Buttons, Hats, Shirts Online

This bombshell front-page article in yesterday's New York Times, reprinted in part in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, shows just how critical it is for all Democrats to help Appellate Judge William O'Neill (D-South Russell) with his no-money-from-nobody Supreme Court campaign. The article details how most Ohio Supreme Court Justices have demonstrated a proclivity for deciding cases the way that their big campaign donors want. O'Neill's opponent Justice Terrence O'Donnell (R-Rocky River) is the very worst: "Justice O’Donnell voted for his contributors 91 percent of the time, the highest rate of any justice on the court," and "on the Supreme Court, he has helped consolidate its transformation from a court that routinely ruled against corporations and insurance companies to one quite friendly to business interests." O'Donnell declined to be interviewed for the article.

Remember, in last week's Columbus Dispatch poll, O'Neill trailed O'Donnell by only five points. The Plain Dealer endorsed O'Neill on Sunday.

Now you can help O'Neill's campaign by buying hats, mugs, buttons, magnets, and stickers at the O'Neill for Justice Online Store that I have created at CafePress.com. I am selling all of these items at cost, so there is no profit to me. Also, you can download O'Neill's flyer, and a window sign and "bumper sticker" (no adhesive, not waterproof, sorry) by clicking on the O'Neill button on my sidebar.


At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yellow Dog, you are the best!

At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Ambercat said...

So how exactly is the money used to help O'Neill since he won't accept any of it? The ODP should be buying ads in this race like crazy. I see O'Donnell's ads every evening now and they drive ME crazy — I have to put my hands over my ears and hum. I guess I need to get some more of those cheap brochures from O'Neill and get them passed around.

At 6:08 PM, Blogger Yellow Dog Sammy said...

Hi, Ambercat!

The money doesn't help O'Neill, it's diplaying and distributing the buttons, signs, stickers, etc., that helps him.

I'm charging only the base price, so all the money goes to CafePress.com.

You can download the flyer from my site and print it out on our own computer printer -- just click on the blue O'Neill button on the sidebar to find the link.


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