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Sunday, November 26

Franklin County Board of Elections to Certify Official Results at 9:00 AM Tomorrow

A reader has sent me a copy of an official notice sent by the Franklin County Board of Elections to election observers, indicating that the board will meet at 9:00 am tomorrow for the purpose of certifying the official election results of the general election on November 7th. The disputed 15th Congressional district race between Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-Upper Arlington) and challenger Mary Jo Kilroy (D-Columbus) and the 20th Ohio House District race between State Rep. Scott Jim McGregor (R-Gahanna) and challenger Bev Campbell (D-Gahanna) hinge upon the offical results, which will include previously uncounted absentee and provisional ballots, as well as some votes not previously counted due to errors in the handling of electronic voting machines.

The official notice also indicates that no provisional ballots are to be excluded from the official results due to insufficient proof of identification or failure to meet the eight-part test for inclusion established by the U.S. District Court in a consent order entered on November 1st in the voter ID litigation. This notice is given in compliance with the Agreed Enforcement Order subsequently entered in the case, designed to insure that election observers have the opportunity to challenge any exclusion of provisonal ballots for reasons relevant to the litigation. It is surprising that no provisional ballots are identified in the notice, since the eight-part test includes broad and common problems with provisional ballots like not being registered to vote, ineligibility to vote, and ineligibility to vote in the particular precinct. The fact that no ballots are to be excluded for these reasons raises the question of whether any provisonal ballots are to be excluded at all, a departure from the typical result that something like 15% to 30% of provisional ballots are excluded from the official results of an election.

UPDATE: I'm told that there are many provisional ballots to be excluded. How the board justifies not reporting the exclusions under the heading of failure to meet the eight-part test remains to be seen.


At 12:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on Jeff..

This was Damschroder saying in weasel wording that no provisionals have grounds to be challenged. The "8-part test" is so broad that it covers man reasons for tossing out ballots.

There will be tons (thousands?) or provisionals getting tossed. I saw the pile. They will say people voted in wrong precinct, or all the other reasons for tossing ballots.

At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Bill Callahan said...

Franklin BOE says it's Pryce by 1,054 votes.

At 2:44 PM, Anonymous Dave Hickman said...

I was there as an elections observer.

According to Board of Elections Supervisor Todd Wedekind (Democrat), the BoE has began talking about the mandatory 3 percent random selection of precincts for a recount regarding the Kilroy-Pryce US House District 15 race.

In the Ohio House District 20 race, Bev Campbell-D closed the gap on incumbent Jim McGregor-R from 933 votes behind to 364 votes behind.

Campbell - 49.6 %
McGregor - 50.4 %

I know Bev personally and spoke with her at BoE along with her attorneys Cliff Arnebeck and Don McTigue.

Bev stated that her race is too close to call and that she will pursue a recount and other legal action against Jim McGregor.

Over $1 million was spent on behalf of McGregor for false attack ads that attempted to defame Bev Campbell's character.

A million bucks is a pretty steep price to pay regarding an Ohio House race.

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Dave Hickman said...

Local Columbus TV news coverage of the Kilroy-Pryce official count as well as the upcoming recount.



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