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Thursday, December 7

Cong OH-16: Todd (D) to Run for Regula's Seat in 2008

CQ Politics reports that attorney Michael Todd (D-Medina), a member of the state central Democratic committee, has notified the Federal Election Commission that he intends to run for the seat of 82-year-old veteran legislator Rep. Ralph Regula (R-Navarre) in 2008. Todd is a Medina township trustee and an army veteran.

Regula won re-election this year but not impressively. He got only 58% of the vote in the primary against county commissioner Matt Miller (R) and only 59% (a career low) in the general election against underfunded novice Rev. Thomas Shaw (D-Wooster), whose campaign was practically invisible. Regula had won with 67% of the vote in 2004.

Todd told CQPolitics that he was off to an early start in order to let people know “that I take this seriously. I want to engage in a conversation.” Todd joined the Army in 1993 and is a West Point graduate. He said that his military background would help him as Congress struggles with the Iraq situation and other potential conflicts. “The skills that I bring to the table in dealing with international conflict is something that I would like to bring to the forefront in this debate,” he said.

The 16th District looks to be competitive in 2008. Bush carried it by only 54% in 2004, and Kerry won its most populous county (Stark) by 51%. Governor-elect Ted Strickland (D-Lisbon) carried Stark County with 64% and Senator-elect Sherrod Brown (D-Avon) got 57%. Regula's son Richard Regula (R), regarded by some as a possible successor to his father, lost his bid for re-election as Stark County Commissioner to businessman Todd Bosley (D).


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