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Tuesday, September 4

OH-7: Businessman Dave Woolever (D) to Challenge Hobson (R)

Dave Woolever (D-Stoutsville), owner and operator of Peppy's Pizza in Circleville, Ohio, has announced that he will challenge Rep Dave Hobson (R-Springfield) in the 7th Ohio Congressional District. Pledging to focus his campaign on the war in Iraq, the economy, and constituent services, Woolever says that "as a small business owner and a life long resident of this district, I know the challenges faced by those who are the life blood of this country. This campaign will be all about a change in direction for the seventh district, the State of Ohio and the nation." Calling Hobson a "rubberstamp for lobbyists," Woolever points out on his web site that Hobson has received $136,7220 from the oil and gas industry and $171, 815 from the drug companies and asks, "What have they gotten for their money?"

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At 10:24 AM, Anonymous demschic@yahoo.com said...

PLease someone wake me up, this HAS to be a nightmare!
Is he wearing his teeth in that picture?


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