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Tuesday, January 17

Congressional races: OH-13; Cafaro is in

Credit goes to Ohio 13 Blogfor this information: Capri Cafaro is definitely in the race, as reported in the Lorain Morning Journal here.

I think this is not a good thing. She has certain advantages in running, such as her personal fortune, catchy name, and undeniable good looks. But, does she have the ideas, the gravitas, the savvy? Her resume is mighty slim. On the other hand, she has already shown the potential to pick up support from labor (she got an early endorsement from the UAW local in Lordstown), and being from the Mahoning Valley will help her. I just hope that she learned a lot from her 2004 race, and that she has good advisors.


At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good looks? You should see her in person. Dark roots, colored contacts (blue, sometimes green), and frankly, she could use the exercise of campaigning door-to-door. That, and the fact that her and her daddy should be in prison with Trafficant.


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