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Thursday, February 2

Cong. OH-12: John Swords (D) Enters Race, Posts on DailyKos

John Swords, a new Democratic opponent to entrenched incumbent Pat Tiberi (R), has posted a fierce diary on DailyKos.com. Calling on the netroots for support, Swords writes that "Republicans fear the ability of the grassroots to take them out of power. I hope that as my campaign progresses all of you will fight with me to reclaim Congress for Democrats." He then provides the transcript of a rousing speech that he gave last night at a Democracy for America candidates forum in Columbus. Calling on his listeners to rededicate themselves to the ideals of past Democratic leaders, he asks inspiring questions:

"How many of you will devote all of your energy to ensuring that control of Congress is returned to the Democratic Party, the Shepard of our ideals?

"How many of you want to leave this country better off than it was given to us?

"How many of you have a gut instinct that is telling you that it is time to start fighting for this country?

"How many of you know it is time for Democrats to stop letting Republicans set the table on issues of national security, education, and health care?

"How many of you wonder what happened to the party of Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson? Men who would have rather died than cede one issue or thought to Republicans.

"How many of you wonder what happened to the party that won World Wars 1 and 2, and gave us the greatest generation?

"Do you covet the noble act of sacrifice? Do you covet honor? We as Democrats point the finger at corrupt Republicans, but we will get no honor of our own until we stop serving ourselves and become the servants of justice, prosperity, and humanity."

Welcome to the race, Mr Swords! We wish you the very best.


At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there the night he gave this speech. He is a very good speaker, and he seems very focused. I want to learn more about him, and hopefully we all can start donating to his campaign.

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