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Tuesday, February 7

OH House-64th: Letson (D) to Oppose Law (R)

Credit to Model500 at the excellent blog High & Broad for catching this item in today's Warren-Tribune Chronicle, reporting the announcement by attorney Thomas B. J. Letson (D-Warren) that he will oppose incumbent Randy Law (R-Warren) for the Ohio House 64th District seat. The announcement was attended by former two-term State Rep. Daniel J. Sferra, defeated by Law in an upset in 2004. Also present were House Minority Leader Joyce Beatty (D-Columbus), UAW Local 1112 President Jim Graham, and a host of Democratic lawmakers and officials from the area. Letson said that Law has failed to represent the working families in the district, while Letson would work to change the "culture of corruption" and "fight for the ideals of the Democratic Party - equality, justice and compassion." Letson also said that health care costs and college tuition are spiraling out of control, while jobs are being "swallowed up by corporate greed."


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