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Tuesday, February 7

OH House-69th: Schira (D) and Batchelder (R) to Run

This piece in the Medina County Gazette confirms that Jack Schira (D-New Brunswick), a former Township Trustee, will run for the Ohio House 69th District seat being vacated by term-limited incumbent Chuck Calvert (R-Medina). Schira's likely opponent is former 69th Dist. State Rep. William Batchelder III (R-Medina). Schira recently dropped out of the Democratic primary for the 13th Congressional District, citing lack of funds, and endorsed Betty Sutton (D-Chardon) in that crowded contest. "The importance of the state race is that somehow the Democrats need to get control of the Ohio House if we're going to fix problems with public schools and health care," Schira is quoted as saying. Schira is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy with a master's degree in aeronautics and astronautics. He lost a former bid for this House seat in 2002 to Calvert.


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