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Wednesday, April 19

11th District Caucus Meeting: Democratic Party, Heal Thyself!

Last night I attended a meeting of the 11th Distict Caucus, the political organization of Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, at The Civic in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. I had a number of reasons for going, but a major one was to assess what a politically-connected friend had told me. He said that the simmering feud between certain statewide party leaders (ODP Chairman Chris Redfern and front-running gubernatorial candidate Rep. Ted Strickland in particular) and certain African-American political leaders (especially Tubbs Jones) is getting worse instead of better, and that at this point Tubbs Jones is inclined to "sit this one out," i.e., to withhold her support from Strickland's campaign. So, is it that bad?

Yes, maybe worse. There is a grievous wound in the Ohio Democratic party, it has been allowed to fester far too long, and some very strong medicine must be applied immediately or the outcome may be a catastrophe in November. Indeed, it may already be too late to heal the wound, but the attempt must be made this instant.

Arriving I saw signs and literature for many candidates, including gubernatorial candidate Bryan Flannery, but nothing for Strickland. There were many statewide candidates in attendance, notably Senatorial candidate Rep. Sherrod Brown, Attorney General candidate Marc Dann, Supreme Court candidate Judge A.J. Wagner, and Treasurer candidate Richard Cordray, along with a host of local legislative and judicial candidates. Other statewide candidates sent surrogates or at least conveyed their regrets for not attending, including Attorney General candidate Subodh Chandra, Supreme Court candidate Ben Espy, and Secretary of State candidate Jennifer Brunner. Stickland did not attend, did not send Lee Fisher or Francine Strickland or anybody else in his place, and so far as I know did not send regrets.

As the meeting started, those on stage included not only Cleveland leaders (Tubbs Jones, Jackson, Senate candidate Rep. Lance T. Mason, and political strategist Arnold Pinckney) but also Mayor of Columbus Mike Coleman and Mayor of Dayton Rhine McLin. (Two other African-American mayors of major Ohio cities, Jay Williams of Youngstown and Marcia Fudge of Warrensville Heights, sent regrets.) There were many rousing and inspiring moments in the generally brief speeches. However, one after another, the speakers included in their remarks the consistent message that the support of African-American voters is not to be taken for granted. Tubbs Jones said, "People want us to vote, [but] we have to get something for our votes." (Huge applause.) Coleman said, "Democrats can't take Democrats for granted - we're going to support those who support us." (Ditto.) McLin said, "We cannot be turned around or taken for granted in 2006." (More cheering.) The new executive director of the caucus, whose first name is Greg but whose last name escaped me (it sounded like Grows or Grolls), expressed the message through a metaphor. When a person of great physical beauty walks into the room, the others present ask themselves "yes, but are there brains to go with that body?" He compared the 11th District Caucus to that person with striking physical gifts, citing as the organization's "DNA" the past and present leadership of Carl and Louis Stokes, Pinckney, and Tubbs Jones. "We can't let it be asked whether we can take care of our business," he continued, "We have to project the vision that will keep us energized and focused. That vision is the image of a giant. We are a giant. A giant is in the land, and the giant is coming to take care of business."

After more remarks by Tubbs Jones, recalling highlights of her career such as rising on January 6, 2005 to object to the way that Ohio votes were counted (which she correctly portrayed as standing up for the legions of young African-American voters in 2004 wearing "Vote or Die" buttons), and introductions of returned Iraq vets (Tubbs Jones calling on Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to "bring our babies homes, keep them safe"), area pastors, elected officials, and local and statewide candidates, Tubbs Jones proceeded to announce endorsements by her organization. For Supreme Court, Espy and Wagner. For Auditor, Treasurer, and Sectretary of State, as to which there are no Democratic primaries, she solemnly intoned her support for the sole candidates (Barbara Sykes, Richard Cordray and Jennifer Brunner). For U.S. Senate, Sherrod Brown (including Mayor Jackson in this endorsement). Her next endorsement, for Attorney General, was a very ugly moment. With ODP-endorsed candidate Marc Dann standing right next to her, Tubbs Jones stated that she, Mayor Jackson, and Mayor McLin will endorse Subodh Chandra, whose name she mispronounced (suh-BOOD instead of suh-BODE). Dann has many excellent qualities but a poker face is not one of them, at least not in this trying situation.

And for Governor? Tubbs Jones announced that there will be no endorsement in the gubernatorial race.

After the closing remarks and some meeting and greeting, I left for the parking lot. Someone had stuck a one-page flyer under my windshield wiper, which I didn't look at until today. There is no indication of authorship, so I would otherwise hesitate to publish it, but whatever the motivation or source the message indicates the scope of the problem:


"Bryan E. Flannery, a Democrat, is running for Governor of the State of Ohio in the May 2, 2006 Primary Election against Ted Strickland another democrat. You may not know much about either candidate. However; Please Do Not Vote for Ted Strickland whose Campaign Associates Have No Respect for Black Female Elected Officials.

"When they tell the Honorable U.S. Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones to sit down and shut up and Ted Strickland condoned this type of disrespect, what do think [sic] he will do if he gets in office? Birds of a feather flock together. Ted Strickland wants your vote but don't [sic] respect the people and the leaders of our Community.

"Enough is Enough!

"Give Your Vote to Bryan E. Flannery who Respects not only our Black Elected Female Officials but ALL PEOPLE.


Now I don't know enough to assign appropriate blame for causing this painful rift, but I do know that blame is not the point. I don't care whether anyone's resentment is justified or not justified. There are deep wounds here, and they must be healed. The feud and its specific causes don't really matter. What matters are the needs of the citizens, and what they need is an end to the ruinous policies of Republican government. What matters is healing the rift, so the Democratic Party can move forward in unison and harmony and retake control of state government.

I also know that it is up to the state party leadership to take the first step in the healing process. They lead the overall organization, and they represent all Democrats whether contented or discontented. When there is a harmful schism, it is their burden to close it. This is no time for statewide leaders to be proud or indignant or spiteful. They need to get over it, rise above it, and deal with it - to do whatever it takes to ease the pain. Now. And in case anyone in Columbus is baffled on how to do this, let me make a simple suggestion. Pick up the telephone and call a respected leader in the African-American community. (May I humbly suggest Mr. Pinckney?) Make an appointment to come and see him at his office (not yours). Accept fault. Make a sincere apology. Seek guidance. Listen. Learn. Thank him for his time and do what he says. It isn't too much to ask for the sake of unifying the party. And if it doesn't happen right away, it definitely will be too late.


At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this keeps up, Strickland's going to lose a lot of African-American votes to Ken Blackwell.

At 4:42 PM, Anonymous Chris said...

You fail to mention Cincy Mayor Mark Mallory, who was an early supporter of Sen. Marc Dann for Attorney General.

At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Note: A big part of this feud probably dates to the selection of the ODP chairman. A "voice-vote" was called that, according to many people there, favored Chris Redfern. However, Vice-Chair Rhine McClin (and Dayton Mayor) said that Montgomery county Chairman Dennis Lieberman was the winner. A near riot apparently ensued after which either a recorded vote or a paper vote declared Redfern the winner. Tubbs-Jones (of which an acquantince has met and said that she was a very rude woman) immeadiately declared "Fix!" and has been on the warpath since. I doubt that anything short of Redfern resigning will do it now. And I expect better from Coleman, who's opinion of Blackwell seemed very clear during the campaign.

Ah well, go on and pull a "Coleman Young 1990 special" on us Ms. Jones, and see how well Cleveland fairs then.

At 7:19 AM, Blogger Jill said...

Thanks very much for this, Jeff. You're everywhere, huh?

At 10:43 AM, Blogger scott bakalar said...

Bravo. Great job, tremendous piece.

At 11:00 AM, Blogger Yellow Dog Sammy said...

Chris - thanks for the correction about Mallory! I was misled by something I thought I heard STJ say during the program, which I should have tried to verify.

Jill and Scott - hey, thanks for the comments, I appreciate it very much!

Anonymous - oh yeah, you're absolutely right that the manner of selecting Chris Redfern is huge in this, although I understand that there were bad feelings even before that. I think you're wrong about STJ, however. It's beside the point that I personally admire her (although true enough). The point is that the African-American community around these parts reveres her, and is very very proud of her, and that she was treated shabbily and everyone knows it. However, I don't think they have to hang Redfern, or even fire him, to get things back on track. I do think they must apologize for some bad behavior, probably publicly, and I think that would be a fine, generous, statesman-like thing to do under the circumstances.

At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>and that she was treated shabbily and everyone knows it.<<

Bunkous. STJ and McLin tried to pull a trick and appoint "Fast Denny" Lieberman as the party chair without giving everyone a vote. Now she's engaged in crooked ward heeler tactics for revenge and the only bad behavior I've ever seen came from the Lieberman/McLin/Tubbs-Jones camp. It's worth noting that respectable African American leaders have endorsed Strickland (C.J. Prentiss, Tom Roberts, Mark Mallory, the Cleveland City Council-which contains at least a few black voters, Peter Lawton Jones, and the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus as well as a couple of others).

STJ is the equivalent to Cynthia McKinney in that, just because she votes the right way, doesn't make her good. I'm Mister Gloom from the Dailykos site (I believe I'm the guy who posted a link to Thor Jacobs website when you started running diaries on Ohio races) and I posted a more direct rebuttal of your work at (http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/4/19/195840/909). Sorry for not putting my name on the first post but I don't want to go through the riamoral of registering someplace else.

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Yellow Dog Sammy said...

Mr Gloom, you're the kind of clueless white person who makes me embarrassed to be white. When African-Americans feel disrespected or unfairly treated, it is not for white people to start denying their feelings on the matter. That is the classic, consistent, knee-jerk reaction of white people, who are so white-centric they aren't even aware of their whiteness. (If you're not following me, that's an illustration of the problem.) African-American people are much, much better at understanding and reading white people than the other way around, because African-Americans in general are forced to deal with white people their whole life long. On the other hand, since whites aren't compelled to deal with African-Americans very often, white people's perceptions about African-Americans tend to be WRONG.

Let's try to think about this for just a minute not like white guys, but as if we could understand the African-American perspective, OK? The African-American community is starved for respect and attention BECAUSE THEY HAVEN'T BEEN GETTING THOSE THINGS, EVEN FROM PEOPLE WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER. And they are (understandably) very, very proud of their community, their identity, and their leaders - especially a champion like STJ. So when rude remarks are directed at such a leader, and she is publicly embarrassed, members of the community who revere her are very deeply offended. They want a public acknowledgement/apology from the persons who caused the problem, or they are NOT going to trust (or vote for) such persons. All of the excuses, justifications, and selective history that you put forward are just the kind of foolish crap that just make the whole situation worse.

At 10:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I take it that you think that Tom Roberts, C.J. Prentiss, The Stark County Black Caucus, the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, the Suburban Black elected Officials of Cuyahoga County, and a number of others (Mr. Strickland's webpage has done a better job of running down total endorsements then I ever could) are just sucking up to Ted Strickland for power? They are just as black as Ms. Tubbs-Jones and they certainly don't seem to have an issue with how Mr. Strickland has acted.

And yes, I do understand what you are talking about (I've heard first hand accounts of "driving while black" stops in personal conversations, so please don't accuse me of having no idea) I just feel that Ms. Tubbs-Jones's situation is not that sort of situation here. And I feel that there is relatively little to be proud of in terms of her actual record as a congresswoman (4th total in terms of junkets with an impressive 59 if what I'm hearing is correct).

My issue is with Stephanie Tubbs-Jones not with anyone else. Note, that while the initial comment could have been better, I think I mostly managed to avoid slamming Michael Coleman for whom I have a great deal of respect (wish he'd stayed in the Governor's race and I would like to apologize for anything I said in the heat of the moment as he is one of the best elected officials in Ohio). But feel free to slam me, I've always said what I feel (and usually in a manner counter productive to my points) and this won't change things. I'm also (thankfully) not prominent enough to inflame a situation which even I'll admit is a good thing. What I said may have been borne of anger but it is a problem with a specific official (and, perhaps, slightly with Ms. McLin) not with the others. Hope that clarifies somwhat, even if you disagree with me, because you are someone that I respect. This post is an effort to explain and hopefully take a little of the feeling out of this, hope I'm successful.

At 4:55 PM, Anonymous obsessivelawstudent said...

Anonymous - Simply because other black people endorse Strickland doesn't mean that STJ wasn't treated in a disrespectful manner. And to blacks in NE Ohio, how you treat STJ is generally an indication as to how you'll treat black people.

I have been fortunate enough to meet STJ on a regular basis. I highly admire her and find her to be a genuine person and as down to earth as almost any state or federal politician. (While admittedly I haven't met Subodh yet, in my experience, no state or federal politician is really down-to-earth and I'm not sure you could be and still win those positions; it takes a bit of an ego and a little idealism / ridiculousness). I don't find STJ to be the type of person who bruises easily, and she's definitely loyal to the Dem. Party, so the fact that she's this over the edge on the issue says something. The state party needs to answer.

Thanks for the post Yellow Dog Sammy!

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At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

•Ÿˆäo‰ï‚¢ˆ¤’mo‰ï‚¢Šò•Œo‰ï‚¢Ã‰ªo‰ï‚¢ŽOdo‰ï‚¢•ºŒÉo‰ï‚¢‘åão‰ï‚¢˜a‰ÌŽRo‰ï‚¢Ž ‰êo‰ï‚¢‹ž“so‰ï‚¢“ޗǏo‰ï‚¢ŽRŒûo‰ï‚¢’¹Žæo‰ï‚¢“‡ªo‰ï‚¢‰ªŽRo‰ï‚¢L“‡o‰ï‚¢“¿“‡o‰ï‚¢ìo‰ï‚¢ˆ¤•Qo‰ï‚¢‚’mo‰ï‚¢

At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

o‰ï‚¢ŒF–{o‰ï‚¢‹ž“so‰ï‚¢ŽOdo‰ï‚¢‹{éo‰ï‚¢‹{èo‰ï‚¢’·–ìo‰ï‚¢’·èo‰ï‚¢“ޗǏo‰ï‚¢VŠƒo‰ï‚¢‘啪o‰ï‚¢‰ªŽRo‰ï‚¢‰«“êo‰ï‚¢‘åão‰ï‚¢²‰êo‰ï‚¢é‹Êo‰ï‚¢Ž ‰êo‰ï‚¢“‡ªo‰ï‚¢Ã‰ªo‰ï‚¢“Ȗ؏o‰ï‚¢“¿“‡

At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

•Ÿˆäo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒFˆ¤’mo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒFŠò•Œo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒFÃ‰ªo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒFŽOdo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒF•ºŒÉo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒF‘åão‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒF˜a‰ÌŽRo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒFŽ ‰êo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒF‹ž“so‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒF“ޗǏo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒFŽRŒûo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒF’¹Žæo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒF“‡ªo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒF‰ªŽRo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒFL“‡o‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒF“¿“‡o‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒFìo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒFˆ¤•Qo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒF‚’mo‰ï‚¢ƒJƒtƒF

At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

•ŸˆäƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰ˆ¤’mƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰Šò•ŒƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰Ã‰ªƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰ŽOdƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰•ºŒÉƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰‘åãƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰˜a‰ÌŽRƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰Ž ‰êƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰‹ž“sƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰“ޗǃeƒŒƒNƒ‰ŽRŒûƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰’¹ŽæƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰“‡ªƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰‰ªŽRƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰L“‡ƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰“¿“‡ƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰ìƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰ˆ¤•QƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰‚’mƒeƒŒƒNƒ‰

At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

•ŸˆäƒZƒtƒŒˆ¤’mƒZƒtƒŒŠò•ŒƒZƒtƒŒÃ‰ªƒZƒtƒŒŽOdƒZƒtƒŒ•ºŒÉƒZƒtƒŒ‘åãƒZƒtƒŒ˜a‰ÌŽRƒZƒtƒŒŽ ‰êƒZƒtƒŒ‹ž“sƒZƒtƒŒ“ޗǃZƒtƒŒŽRŒûƒZƒtƒŒ’¹ŽæƒZƒtƒŒ“‡ªƒZƒtƒŒ‰ªŽRƒZƒtƒŒL“‡ƒZƒtƒŒ“¿“‡ƒZƒtƒŒìƒZƒtƒŒˆ¤•QƒZƒtƒŒ‚’mƒZƒtƒŒ

At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

•Ÿˆä•s—ψ¤’m•s—ÏŠò•Œ•s—ϐɪ•s—ÏŽOd•s—Ï•ºŒÉ•s—Ï‘åã•s—Ϙa‰ÌŽR•s—ÏŽ ‰ê•s—Ï‹ž“s•s—Ï“Þ—Ç•s—ÏŽRŒû•s—Ï’¹Žæ•s—Ï“‡ª•s—ωªŽR•s—ύL“‡•s—Ï“¿“‡•s—ύì•s—ψ¤•Q•s—ύ‚’m•s—Ï

At 7:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

—D—Ǐo‰ï‚¢ƒTƒCƒgƒAƒ_ƒ‹ƒg“ŽB‘fln—ƒGƒƒAƒjƒAV——Doˆ§‚¢o‡‚¢ŒnƒTƒCƒg‚Å‚ ‚¢deai•s—Ï•s—Ï‚µ‚Ä‚Ý‚Ü‚¹‚ñ‚©•s—σp[ƒgƒi[•s—ψ¤l2ƒVƒ‡ƒbƒgƒ`ƒƒƒbƒgo‰ï‚¢•s—ϐlÈƒNƒŒƒWƒbƒgƒJ[ƒh

At 7:28 PM, Blogger 贝贝 said...

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