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Monday, April 17

Ohio House 67th: Kidd (R) Drops Out

This story in the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Mason City Councilman Victor Kidd has dropped out of the Republican primary for the 67th District Ohio House of Representatives seat of Rep. Tom Raga (R-Mason), the running mate of gubernatorial candidate Secretary of State Ken Blackwell (R-Cincinnati). Remaining in the primary are Attorney C. Keith Nixon Jr. (R-Lebanon), former legislative aide Shannon Jones (R-Springsboro), and John Meyer (R-Mason). Attorney Jeffrey Ruppert (D-Franklin) is unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Kidd, who runs the Kidd Coffee shop and serves as a pastor of Living Leaf Community Church in Mason as well as serving as Councilman, said he "lacked time and money to wage a meaningful fight for the seat." Because he dropped out after the ballots had been printed, his name will still appear on the ballot and voters will be warned that a vote for him will not count.


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