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Thursday, April 27

Cong. OH-3rd: Studebaker (D) Receives UAW Nod

Just in from the campaign of Stephanie Studebaker (D-Dayton), the United Automobile Workers of America (UAW) announced their endorsement of her today. The UAW has over 1 million active and retired members worldwide, and roughly 4,800 members working at General Motors, Delphi, and other employers in the 3rd Congressional District. UAW Local 696’s Legislative Committee Chairperson, Rick Tincher, said that they were endorsing Stephanie because she “supports working families while our current Congressman turns his back on the working men and women of the Miami Valley.” Regarding job loss, Mr. Tincher added, “Mike Turner was in town recently to receive a check for $25,000 from UPS after they announced they were closing their Dayton hub and laying off over 1,000 workers. Anyone that trumpets companies leaving town isn’t going to be the UAW’s candidate.”


At 1:55 AM, Anonymous woody said...

Dr. Studebaker spoke at a DFA event here. She came prepareda and was very impressive. The District (like all of Ohio's Districts) is so gerrymandered that it will be a tough go in November.

I hope she cruises to a resounding Primary win that builds mo' for the fall.

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