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Tuesday, May 2

Cong. 2nd, 4th, 6th: Schmidt (R), Jordan (R), Blasdel (R) Prevail

From the Secretary of State site:

2nd District:
Schmidt, Jean 33,148 47.75%
McEwen, Bob 29,465 42.44%
Kraus, Deborah A. 4,342 6.25%
Constable, James E. 2,472 3.56%

4th District:
Jordan, Jim 36,876 50.61%
Guglielmi, Frank A. 21,744 29.85%
Nestor, Kevin 8,275 11.36%
Stahl, James R. 2,523 3.46%
Martin, Nathan J. 2,255 3.10%
Weasel, Charles W. 1,183 1.62%

6th District:
Blasdel, Chuck 16,471 48.65%
Harmon, Danny 7,933 23.43%
Ginter, Tim 7,024 20.75%
Stobbs, Richard D. 2,429 7.17%


At 4:11 AM, Anonymous KevinHayden said...

Btw, after comparing TOTAL Rep. votes vs total Dem votes, the two close Congressional District races look to be Space and Katz. Who holds those two districts currently?

Wilson, Kaptur, Kucinich, Tubb-Jones, Sutton and Ryan look like shoo-ins.

If that's how it plays, and Space & Katz win, what's the net effect?

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Yellow Dog Sammy said...

Zach Space will face the infamous Bob Ney, so the outcome there is hardwired to Ney's legal fortunes. If Ney steps aside and a strong Republican candidate like State Sen. Jay Hottinger steps in, Space's job probably becomes a lot more difficult. If Ney hangs in, Space looks golden.

Katz is a good guy and great law professor, but he will face incumbent Steve LaTourette, who has irritated a lot of people but is recognized as a powerful Congressman who has benefited the region. (He's the go-to guy for nuts-and-bolts issues because the other NE Ohio Reps are all in the minority party - Kucinich, Tubbs Jones, Brown.) LaTourette is a bit vulnerable, but not really likely to lose.

Better pick-up opportunities probably are firebrand Mary Jo Kilroy against Bush-and-DeLay-linked Deboarah Pryce, energetic Studebaker against blah Mike Turner, and former Rep. Bob Shamansky against Pat Tiberi.

At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would add about LaTourette that he actually has been working hand-in-hand with Dennis Kucinich and Stephanie Tubbs Jones on jobs and development issues facing Northeast Ohio. AND when Bush was in town to speak at the City Club on a Monday, LaTourette was "too busy" to fly in from D.C. to be there, citing a "staff retreat." However, the next day he flew to town to stand side by side with Kucinich to announce a development initiative. LaTourette seems to be running as far and fast from Bush as he can. And there was actually a Republican running named Charlie Weasel? Gotta love that!


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