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Tuesday, May 2

Cong. 13th: Sutton (D) Wins

As per WKYC:

Precincts Reporting: 512 Of 569 89%

Betty Sutton 18,798 30%
Capri Cafaro 15,337 25%
Tom Sawyer 14,021 23%
Gary Kucinich 7,895 13%
Bill Grace 3,330 5%
Michael Lyons 938 2%
John Wolfe 880 1%
Norbert Dennerll 411 1%


At 3:43 AM, Anonymous KevinHayden said...

Cool. I was rooting for her and she seemed to have the 'mo'. Also glad Space won. I also sense that Schmidt could be in trouble in Nov. with that race so close. Ya think?

At 9:39 AM, Blogger Yellow Dog Sammy said...

As to Schmidt, I'm with OH-02 Blog - Schmidt can probably now relax and settle in for 20 years as the Congressperson for that hard-right district. Hackett's narrow loss there was a one-time deal, arising out of his Iraq vet status and personal appeal, and the novelty and timeliness of his specific objections to the war at that time.


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