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Friday, May 12

Lt Gov: Fisher (D) Makes a Good Impression

Last night I attended a meeting of the Cleveland Heights Democratic Club, at which former Attorney General and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher (D-Cleveland) spoke. I sat near the front and scribbled notes furiously. During the Q and A, before responding to my query, Fisher asked me if I am a reporter. Unprepared for the question, I just said I was not, not attempting to bring up or try to explain my status as a blogger. Regrettably, under the circumstances, it would be inappropriate for me to proceed to act like a reporter and provide an account here of what the candidate had to say.

Nevertheless, I feel comfortable with at least recording my personal reaction to the gentleman, whom I have not previously seen. Fisher is an elegantly tall and distinguished looking man, who speaks in an easy and comfortable manner, although he tends to be a bit wordy. He conveys a sense of humility along with intelligence and competence, which is rare and very appealing. His speaking style signals education and refinement. His remarks weren't fiery or rousing, although in fairness the occasion didn't really call for that. He spoke at considerable length without referring any notes, yet his talk was clear, well organized, and coherent. I loved that he answered hard questions very directly, and that he accepted comments and criticisms thoughtfully. I left with the sense that he is an asset to the ticket and would be an exceptionally capable chief executive.

I plan to attend a public appearance by gubernatorial candidate Rep. Ted Strickland at the Harvard Community Center next Tuesday, May 16, at 12:30 p.m., which will be my first chance to hear him in person, and I plan to provide a detailed account of his remarks on these pages.


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