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Tuesday, May 9

Ohio House 10th: Cintron (D) and Newsome (D) to Seek Recount

Columnist Sam Fulwood III writes in the Cleveland Plain Dealer today that the apparent victory of former campaign coordinator Eugene R. Miller (D-Cleveland) in the Ohio House of Representatives 10th District is not yet final. The latest unofficial tally has Miller with 1095 votes, former city council member Nelson Cintron Jr with 1025, Bill Newsome with 1002, and four other candidates further back. According to Fulwood, Cintron and Newsome have both indicated that they intend to seek a recount:
"The Board of Elections is going to have to get its act together," said Cintron. "All of these errors raises a lot of suspicions about whether the election was fair." Newsome agreed, saying he wants answers to reports that his name didn't even appear on some ballots in his own precinct. "Absolutely, I want a recount," he said. "We need to find out what really went on before I say the race is over."
So, the waiting continues.


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