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Wednesday, May 3

Open Letter of Support to Sen. Marc Dann

Dear Sen. Dann:

Congratulations on your primary election victory! At hundreds of events around the state, large and small, you have outlined your vision for the Office of Attorney General and your record of achievement as an attorney and a legislator, and the Ohio voters have responded with resounding approval for your candidacy.

I'm writing you to address your relationship with the dozens of progressive political activists who publish Ohio political weblogs, and our readers. As you are aware, the preponderance of such bloggers gravitated to the campaign of your primary opponent. However, it is important to underscore two points which should prevent anyone from regarding your campaign and the blogging community as antagonists in any sense.

First, almost without exception, the bloggers who preferred your opponent also expressed enthusiasm for your qualifications as well. For example, blogger Scott Piepho wrote that "[b]oth Dann and Chandra have done great service to their party and to the public. Both have good ideas – not that far from each other – about how to use the Office of the Attorney General as a force for social and economic justice." Blogger Greg Richey wrote that he "saw Marc Dann speak last year about campaign finance reform and was very impressed." And on my blog I wrote "I was impressed with the intelligence and passion of each. Both were articulate, knowledgeable, and thoroughly prepared ... These are two excellent candidates." Also, it is important to remember that other bloggers have preferred you all along, such as Chris Geidner who wrote that you are "one of the most dedicated, passionate public servants at work." We bloggers have expressed admiration for your leadership in the uncovering of the Coingate scandal, and the commitment to public service that you have otherwise demonstrated throughout your career.

Second, although many progressive bloggers became enamored of your primary opponent, that sentiment pales in comparison to the burning desire that each and every one of us feel for ending the ruinous policies of the corrupt Republican administration in this state. Ending those policies includes installing an Attorney General who will truly serve the people and root out public corruption. Simply put, whatever the emotions and occasional harsh words that may have been stirred up during the primary season, the blogging community stands ready to coalesce behind your candidacy and to support your campaign in the general election.

In that spirit, I hope that the lines of communication between your campaign and the blogging community remain open, so that we can keep the public informed about this important race as it develops. I expect progressive bloggers to help generate the public enthusiasm that your candidacy deserves. And, I look forward to meeting you again on the campaign trail, and to celebrating your victory in November.


Jeff Coryell (Yellow Dog Sammy)


At 10:12 AM, Blogger Jill said...

What a great letter. You could be a writer, or something. :)

At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Earl from Ohio said...


Great letter.

Your site is steadily growing in my estimation.

If that was how the blogging community in Ohio acted and expresed themselves all of the time --it would be GREAT!

At 11:09 AM, Blogger Paul A. Miller said...


Now, wave your magic wand and heal the Sherrod Brown vs. Hackett supporters rift!

Just kidding. I, too, wish we could all look at politics with a little more logic and a little less emotion. Even on the conservative side (!), a few of us get a bit carried away by our personal opinions and end up burning bridges we really are going to need to cross in the future.


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