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Wednesday, May 3

Ohio Sen. 19th: Griffith (D) Thanks Supporters

I received a very classy thank-you email from unsuccessful 19th District Ohio Senate candidate Jason Griffith (D), addressed to numerous people. I have never communicated with him, but I wrote a profile of his race some time ago:

Dear Friends,

I called to congratulate Thomas Burkhart on a well-earned campaign win tonight. He is a good man and has clear ideas about the direction in which our state should head. I am honored to have had the opportunity to run against him and I am proud of our desire to make Ohio a better place in which to live.

It is important to note that many people came to the assistance of the campaign over the last eight months and I would like to take the time to thank them right now. Most notably, Tina Davis, Jason Alberry, Bruce Walters, George Marsh, Bill Eagon, Chris Weatherbee, Rick Vogel, Ed Helvey, George Bringman, Steve Hughes, as well as the signifant support lended to me by Heather Griffith. I am humbled by those who so freely gave their time, treasure, and support in our campaign to make Ohio "something great" once again.

As for me, I will go back to the best job in the world tomorrow, teaching children. My desire to make Ohio a better place in which to live will never abate. The memories I have taken from my campaign will live with me forever. It has been a real delight to listen with and learn from the people within our senate district. Our citizens have already started helping put Ohio back on the right track, and for that, I couldn't ask more.

Thank you once again for your support.

Tom Burkhart (D-Danville) takes on Senate President Bill Harris (R-Ashland) in the general election.


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