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Wednesday, May 3

Why I'm Celebrating This Morning

* Charlie Wilson (D-St.Clairsville) gained more write-in votes (43,692) than the total of regular votes cast for all three Republicans (37,596), and more than twice as many as the regular votes cast for Repubican nominee State Rep. Chuck Blasdel (R-East Liverpool)(18,356), despite all that national Republican money poured into stopping Wilson in the primary.

* Although it was ugly, former State Rep. Betty Sutton (D-Barberton) was the right person to win the Democratic primary in Ohio's 13th Congressional District.

* Our 3rd Congressional District candidate Dr. Stephanie Studebaker (D-Dayton) needed to make a statement and she did (56.07%).

* Although my new-found friend and probably favorite candidate in any race ever, Julian Rogers (D-Cleveland Heights), looks to have lost his battle against party-endorsed former Rep. Barbara Boyd (D-Cleveland Heights), another close friend and completely deserving candidate, Melody J. Stewart (D-Euclid), appears to have won her three-way primary and be heading for a Court of Appeals judgeship on her third try. And I think that Rogers will be a blazing success in whatever goal he next sets for himself, and I look forward to supporting him.

Addendum:I should also mention that:

* Although I supported Subodh Chandra for Attorney General, Sen. Marc Dann is an excellent candidate as well, as I noted when I announced my support for Chandra:
I was impressed with the intelligence and passion of each. Both were articulate, knowledgeable, and thoroughly prepared in their responses to a number of questions, covering substantive topics as diverse as consumer protection, school funding, public corruption, and capital punishment. These are two excellent candidates, and I wouldn't hesitate to support either in November.
Would any readers care to say why they are celebrating this morning, or not?


At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree about Julian. Bummer. I hope he picks his next race and starts working now. I'll be on board! Of course, the fact that Sobodh lost so overwhelmingly doesn't sit well with me. The ODP could and should have endorsed him. Of course, they also should never have sat by and let the bigwigs force Hackett out of the race. I found a posting I printed out from last fall where someone proposed urging Brown to leave the Senate race. It appears prescient now. I just cannot believe that Merrill Keiser actually got that many votes. He had no campaign whatsoever! Brown's campaign looks anemic and he looks to stubborn and self-righteous to do anything to change it up.


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