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Friday, July 21

Sup Ct: O'Neill (D) Announces Hackett and Gwinn to Serve as Campaign Co-Chairs

This came as a surprise, but it's terrific. I love that Hackett and O'Neill are both combat veterans with an unorthodox approach to politics -- it makes perfect sense for Hackett to get O'Neill's back. From the press release:
The O'Neill For Justice Committee broke new ground today with the appointment of Iraqi War Veteran Paul Hackett and County Chair Association President Susan Gwinn as statewide co-chairs of the committee.

In making the announcement Judge O'Neill said, "Gwinn and Hackett are ready to let the world know that business as usual in Ohio government will not get the job done." Judge O'Neill won the Democratic primary by over 100,000 votes while maintaining his pledge to take "No Money From No Body". The Judge is in his second term on the 11th District Court of Appeals and has consistently maintained that "Money and Judges Don't Mix"

Judge O'Neill explained the need for co-chairs in simple terms. "We now have active committees in 24 counties, and I need high profile people to raise the volume and spread the message between now and election day. Paul Hackett is a walking legend in Southwest Ohio and Susan Gwinn, heads the largest grass roots organization in Ohio - The Ohio County Chairs Association. They are a perfect fit for the O'Neill For Justice Committee."

. . . Hackett and Gwinn will now head a state-wide speakers' bureau for Judge O'Neill and coordinate volunteers in all 88 Ohio counties.

To date, Judge O'Neill has been endorsed by the Ohio Democratic Party; United Steelworkers of America; United Food & Commercial Workers; the Ohio Education Association; and the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association. . . .


At 8:13 PM, Anonymous Jamie said...

I met Paul Hackett 3 months ago. I ended up talking to him for quiet some time. He is such a knowledgeable and powerful speaker. He puts great motivation into his speeches that is contagious.

Any candidate is very fortunate to have Paul Hackett working for them. He is a great asset to the state and the party.

Great blog - I love it.



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