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Thursday, July 13

Cong. 12th: Tiberi (R) Vulnerable According to Polling

Brian of the terrific blog OH-12 reports on internal polling from the campaign of challenger Bob Shamansky (D-Columbus) that shows incumbent Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-Westerville) is looking very vulnerable in this election. The head-to-head matchup shows Tiberi below the 50% mark, always critical for an incumbent:
46% Tiberi (R)
30% Shamansky (D)
After hearing a detailed description of the candidates, the lead actually reverses:
39% Tiberi (R)
41% Shamansky (D)
Other interesting results show the district's swing voters disapproving Bush by 76%, higher than Bush's overall disapproval among district voters of 64%, and only 33% of independent voters have a positive opinion of Tiberi's job performance.

Eric at the excellent blog Plunderbund also comments on this polling data.


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