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Monday, August 14

Cong. OH-3: Studebaker (D) and Spouse Arrested

Congressional candidate Stephanie Studebaker (D-Dayton) and her husband Samuel Studebaker were booked into Montgomery County Jail last night on charges of domestic violence. The Studebaker campaign has not issued a statement, and her campaign web site is down "for maintenance."

UPDATE: I have confirmed through a reliable source that the Studebaker campaign is indeed over. The campaign staff has been asked to stay on to assist the replacement candidate, who is likely to be appointed by county party officials rather than determined by a special primary election. It is rumored that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is directly involved in the process, but that part of the report is not as certain.

2nd UPDATE: A statement from the campaign, courtesy of BSB:
DAYTON, OHIO – At 6PM this evening, Studebaker for Congress released the following statement: “Due to personal issues, the Studebaker for Congress campaign is suspending all campaign activities for the time being. We will inform our supporters and the media of any future developments but request that the privacy of our campaign be respected during this time."


At 8:33 AM, Blogger Modern Esquire said...

My bet: Rhine McClin will be pressured to run. Don't know if she will or not.


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