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Monday, September 25

It Is NOT 43 Days To The Election

A good reminder from Brian at Plunderbund. Get over the fallacy, people! The election doesn't start in 43 days, it starts in 8 days. That's October 3rd, the first day that absentee ballots can be cast, and starting this year anybody and everybody can vote absentee. And should.

Come to think of it, November 7 should no longer be called Election Day. How about Wait In Line Day, or Deal With Malfunctioning Voting Machines Day? Absentee voting is the way to go this time around. You can download an absentee ballot request form here, mail it in, get your ballot back, and mail that in too -- voting without ever leaving home! Or, you can drop by your county board of elections on or after October 3 and fill out the absentee ballot on the spot. I did that the last two elections and didn't have to wait in line at all.

Absentee voting creates a solid paper trail. So long as you follow the rules carefully (like NOT TEARING the ballot on the perforation, which would void it, and remembering to put two stamps on the envelope if you mail it in), it is a reliable and safe way to vote. The more people vote absentee, the shorter the lines at the polling place for everybody else.

Do it right, get it done early! Vote absentee.


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