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Friday, September 1

Secty of State: Brunner (D) Endorsed by Ohio Troopers Coalition

Secretary of State candidate Jennifer Brunner (D-Columbus) has been endorsed by the Ohio Troopers Coalition, the parent organization for various groups representing state troopers, totalling over 3,000 sworn law enforcement officers. The coalition is made up of the Ohio State Troopers Association, Troopers for a Safer Ohio, and Ohio Troopers Caring.
In the August 11 endorsement statement, Trooper Allan Wheeler, President of Troopers for a Safer Ohio, explained the endorsement process. “We conducted balloting open to all members of our various organizations over the past seven days,” said Wheeler. The results were an overwhelming return of 81% for Brunner compared to 19% for her opponent, Hamilton County Clerk Greg Hartmann (R-Cincinnati).

“As a Judge, I worked with law enforcement and understand the dedication our officers have to protecting our families and our communities. It is an honor to receive their endorsement,” said Brunner. "As Ohio’s next Secretary of State I will make my foremost goal to work for an Ohio election system that is safe, reliable and trustworthy. I’ll use my judicial and election experience to do this so voters may vote without intimidation or hindrance with the faith that their vote will be counter.”


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