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Thursday, September 14

Sen: Brown (D) Assails DeWine (R) Over Omission of Ohio From Federal Heating Cost Relief

On Tuesday the Bush administration announced $80 million in new Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program funding. Despite increased natural gas prices that have caused heating costs to soar for Ohioans, none of the money was awarded to Ohio. Today U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Lisbon) lambasted Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Cedarville) for taking no action since the announcement to "hold the administration accountable for snubbing Ohio families."

“President Bush and Senator DeWine provided oil and gas companies with billions of dollars in money to burn, while they have left Ohio families out in the cold with record heating bills,” said Brown. “Mike DeWine awarded $70 billion in taxpayer money to the richest Americans, and failed to lower the cost-of-living facing working families. Leaving Ohio out now is adding salt to wounds created by Mike DeWine and George Bush.”

According to the Brown campaign, 69% of Ohio households use natural gas to heat their homes. Natural gas prices have increased by 73% since Senator DeWine began his latest term in office, at a higher rate than heating oil. DeWine supported the 2005 GOP energy bill that provided billions of dollars in subsides to the energy industry, but did not bring down gasoline or natural gas prices. Brown opposed the 2005 GOP energy bill, has fought to enforce penalties against oil and gas companies that engage in price gouging, and supports a rebate of windfall profits to consumers.

“Special interests like the oil companies and the richest have reaped great benefits from Senator DeWine, but working families have been left behind,” stated Brown. “Ohioans are facing mounting tuition, health care, and energy bills. We must provide immediate relief for Ohio families by lowering costs and establishing a path to opportunity that helps them succeed.”


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