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Wednesday, October 4

Cong OH-5: Weirauch (D) Calls Hastert's Conduct Unacceptable

I called 5th Ohio Congressional District candidate Robin Weirauch (D-Napoleon) today and asked for her reaction to the scandal involving the Republican House leadership's inadequate response to the inappropriate emails from Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) to underage House pages. She sent me the following:
What disturbs me most is that Speaker Hastert apparently did nothing to protect the child in question and the other pages - which should have been his immediate concern.

This is another example of the Republican-led Congress putting the Party's best interest above the best interests of people. In this instance protecting the party took precedence over protecting a child. That is totally unacceptable. My opponent, Congressman Gillmor, has not spoken out about the House leadership's failure to protect a child In light of the Congressman's recent touting on the passage of sex offender database legislation (the Children's Safety and Violent Crime Reduction Act), his silence on this whole matter is shocking and hypocritical. If the facts reveal that Speaker Hastert failed to act upon information that put the safety of one or more minors at risk, he should resign.
There are a lot of Republican incumbents who seem to think that they can just duck and cover until this all goes away, and Paul Gillmor (R-Old Fort) appears to be one.


At 7:36 AM, Anonymous CR said...

I Called Representative Gillmor's office twice in the last week. Both times I spoke to a staffer, gave my information, and was told I would be contacted. I received back exactly what I am used to receivig from Gillmor: nothing.

He is strictly partisan on every single vote -- until the Republican party tells him what to do, he will do nothing.

I hope Robin Weirauch can force some press on this issue, especially since Gillmor is so proud of his "sex offender" legislation.

Anyone seen the numbers on this race? Anyone hear anything or have a perspective on the ground game? In the past, campaigns have been pretty inneffective against this incumbant, but it seems with Iraq and the Foley coverup, there may be prime opprotunity to really make some people wonder what Gillmor is doing down there.



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