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Saturday, October 7

OH-1, OH-15, OH-18: Huge NRCC Cash Dump

TPM Cafe reports that the NRCC yesterday dumped a total of almost a million dollars into Ohio's three closest Congressional races, slated for negative advertising, mailers, and phonebanking. Nationwide, the NRCC sank a staggering $7.8 million into 30 races:
*** 1st District, Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Cincinnati) vs. City Councilman John Cranley (D-Cincinnati), a rematch of a 2000 race won by Chabot: $201,262 on issue ad placement and phone banks.

*** 15th District, Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-Upper Arlington) vs. County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy (D-Columbus): $206,650 on issue ad placement.

*** 18th District, State Sen. Joy Padgett (R-Coschocton) vs. City Law Director Zack Space (D-Dover), for the seat left open by retiring Rep. Bob Ney: $552,043 on issue ad placement, mailings and phone banks.


At 12:18 AM, Anonymous Ambercat said...

Nothing in Oh-2? I'm surprised, since polling has shown this race to be tied. or are even Republicans ashamed to be associated with Mean Jean? I'm actually surprised they're dumping more into Oh-18 than Oh-15. I think Joy Padgett will have a tough time winning, but they might still be able to pull out a win for Pryce (hope not!)


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