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Monday, October 2

Statewide Races: News and Notes

Items of interest in Ohio's statewide races:

Governor: The Associated General Contractors of Ohio endorsed Rep. Ted Strickland (D-Lisbon) on Friday, calling him the best candidate to represent the interests of Ohio’s construction industry and its workers. It’s the first time that organization has endorsed a Democrat for governor. “It’s time for a change and time for new leadership in Ohio,” said AGC President Gary Haas. “Ted Strickland comes from a family of cement masons and working people and he himself worked construction as a young man. He understands the hard work our construction industry does and how important it is to Ohio’s economy.” The AGC is Ohio’s largest commercial construction industry association, representing hundreds of union and non-union contractors, which employ more than 35,000 workers across Ohio. “Ohio’s construction industry is a critical driver of economic growth and I’m honored to have its support,” said Strickland.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer/Mason Dixon poll released yesterday gave Strickland a 53% to 36% lead over opponent Ken Blackwell (R-Cincinnati), with only 9% undecided.

Auditor: The Columbus Dispatch endorsed Rep. Mary Taylor (R-Green) based on her being a CPA, even though no other state auditor ever has been. On the other hand, the Sun News endorsed Sykes (reproduced on Sykes' campaign blog), saying "Sykes correctly argues that the auditor is an administrator and does not need to personally perform or shadow those conducting audits," and noting Sykes' lengthy public service.

This is inexcusable. The Columbus Dispatch reports that the ORP touted its copyright-infringing attack ad against Rep. Barbaba Sykes (D-Akron) by email to its entire list of supporters a day or two before pulling it, and it took them a little extra time to take it down from YouTube after removing it from their own web site. They still don't admit that it is illegal. It is, they know it, and they're a bunch of hypocritical scofflaws, IMHO.

The ClevelandPlain Dealer Mason-Dixon poll released yesterday showed Sykes with a five point lead over Taylor, 38% to 33%, with 29% undecided.

Attorney General: State Sen. Marc Dann (D-Liberty Township), along with his spouse and a group of supporters, will go to the Trumbull County Board of Elections, 2947 Youngstown Road SE in Warren, Ohio tomorrow morning at 9:30 A.M. to cast their ballots in the 2006 General Election. Dann is voting tomorrow to highlight the fact that tomorrow is the first day Ohioans may vote early, either in person at their county BOE or by mail. Ohioans wishing to vote early or by absentee ballot were previously required to have an excuse or reason for doing so. After casting his ballot Dann will hold a brief press conference to discuss early voting and assess his campaign five weeks before voting ends.

The ClevelandPlain Dealer Mason-Dixon poll released yesterday showed Montgomery leading Dann by ten points, 47% to 37%, with 16% undecided.

Secretary of State: The Dayton Daily News endorsed Jennifer Brunner (D-Columbus) over the weekend, calling her "an outstanding candidate" with a "sense of fairness and a knowledge of election law that ideally suits her for the job," and noting that "[h]er background has given her a mastery of details of the secretary of state's office, and she's sensitive to the importance of ensuring public confidence in the elections system." The editors criticized both candidates for their negative attacks on each other, but were especially scornful of Hartmann's accusation of lenient sentencing.

On Friday Brunner objected to incumbent Ken Blackwell (R-Cincinnati) filing an answer to the complaint in the federal lawsuit challenging the requirement in HB 3 that naturalized citizens may be required to show proof of citizenship before being allowed to vote, after previously conceding that the law should be unenforceable. His answer challenges the timeliness of the complaint and the jurisdiction of the court. “Ken Blackwell said that he ‘considers a citizen without distinction’ and that he believed the law treating naturalized citizens differently is ‘unenforceable,’” said Brunner. “Now he has done an about face and is opposing putting the only law of its kind in the country to rest for good, just 4 days before early voting begins. This is just another example of a Secretary of State who destroys peoples’ trust in our elections, by putting politics above people.” Brunner also challenged opponent Greg Hartmann (R-Cincinnati) to "call on Ken Blackwell to stop the game playing and resolve this matter so that naturalized citizens can know that they are not at risk of facing discrimination when they vote."

The ClevelandPlain Dealer Mason-Dixon poll released yesterday showed Brunner and Hartmann within the 4 point margin of error, 35% to 32%, with 30% undecided.

Treasurer: Richard Cordray (D-Grove City) received a spectacular endorsement from the Columbus Dispatch yesterday, saying that he "is eminently qualified, has demonstrated leadership and integrity and clearly is the better candidate."

The ClevelandPlain Dealer Mason-Dixon poll released yesterday has Cordray ahead of O'Brien 40% to 31%, with 29% undecided.

Supreme Court: Former state senator Ben Espy (D-Columbus) has been endorsed by the Akron Beacon Journal. The editors write that Espy's "judicial philosophy draws on a wide range of experience, from his work in the state attorney general's office to his awareness of the challenges facing many people in minority communities. His thoughtful, considered and independent way would benefit the court and thus the state." They note that Espy's opponent, appellate judge Robert Cupp, has "a sparkling resume," but Cupp "looks very much like the six Republicans currently on the court. Espy promises a different and valuable perspective."

Espy and Cupp will debate on October 19th at noon at the City Club in Cleveland.

The Akron Beacon Journal also endorsed William O'Neill (D-South Russell), calling the race "a 'classic referendum' on the way the state elects justices" and noting that "O'Neill has a record to match his compelling message" and "has demonstrated a sharp mind and sound temperament during 10 years on the bench." The Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsed O'Neill over O'Donnell and Cupp over Espy, relying on Cupp's four years on the bench and Espy's lack of judicial experience in the latter race.


At 8:18 PM, Blogger Ryan said...

I don't really think MOEs apply when there is a huge rank of undecided voters.

At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Casey Morris said...

Are you in the Columbus area? If so, will you be going to the Kerry event at Ohio State University?

At 9:28 AM, Blogger Yellow Dog Sammy said...

No, sorry, I'm in the Cleveland area. If you go, write me and tell me about it -- send photos and I'll publish them!


At 11:30 AM, Blogger bonobo said...

What's really inexcusable abouth the GOP's handling of the Sykes ad is when they lie about pulling it.

At 3:22 PM, Blogger Ryan said...

Eck. I've had enough of John Kerry. He couldn't carry the standard once, and I damn him for trying again.


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